Enhancing climate risk assessment

Floods, droughts, heatwaves, and wildfires are increasingly affecting communities and ecosystems across British Columbia.

Climate risk assessments can lay a foundation for actions that better protect communities and ecosystems. However, to be effective, climate risk assessments should reflect current evidence and data, as well as the insights from diverse and inclusive perspectives. 

PICS has convened leading experts, practitioners, and Knowledge Holders to discuss and document best practices for climate risk assessment and identify pressing information gaps. Through a series of workshops, this project, Evidence Based Guidance on Integrating Research into Climate Change Risk Assessments in British Columbia, will develop research agendas and set of recommendations for the province on climate risk assessment practices.

This project received financial support from the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness, in support of the ministry’s mandate to evaluate climate risks.

Researchers: Dylan Clark, Caroline Merner, Alyssa Hill, Shauna MacKinnon, Emily MacNair, Ian Mauro.

Collaborating organizations: Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness