coal burning power plant chimneys

Credit: iStock/Drbouz

Improving effectiveness of carbon mitigation policies

Project aims to discourage Canadian industry from moving emissions to other jurisdictions.

Greenhouse gas emissions policies are core to a sustainable climate future. However, designing effective and evidence-based mitigation policy is complex. One risk that decision makers must manage when designing mitigation policy is ‘carbon leakage’ – when emissions seem to go down in one location, but instead are emitted somewhere else. 

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is funding the project Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Industries: Technical Innovation and Climate Policy Solutions to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions by 2050, which is analyzing the current situation when it comes to carbon leakage, economic performance and technological change, and is developing new strategies to reduce the risk of leakage and improve the overall efficiency of policies. 

Researchers: Mark Jaccard, Elicia Maine

Collaborating Organizations: Simon Fraser University, MANIXXIUM Vancouver Consulting Group, Foresight Canada