Improving forest management to reduce fire risk

Wildfire and Carbon project develops strategies to reduce emissions from fires and enhance forest carbon sinks.

Wildfires are causing more damage (and carbon emissions) each year across British Columbia. Direct emissions from 2023 wildfires alone were higher than those from all other sectors in the province combined that year. 

Rethinking how forests are managed is key to reducing wildfire emissions and impacts to B.C. But improving forest management requires detailed and place-specific information.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions has provided substantial financial support to improve knowledge about forest management practices. The Wildfire and Carbon project is focused on developing strategies for wildfire and forest management that minimize climate impact and help strengthen BC’s economy.

Researchers: Werner Kurz, Lori Daniels, Paul Hessburg, Dominik Roeser, Carolyn Smyth

Collaborating Organizations: University of British Columbia, University of Washington, U.S. Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, B.C. Wildfire Service, Parks Canada