Emissions from industry

Industrial deep decarbonization is needed for Canada to achieve a net-zero emissions target by 2050.

This will require inducing technological changes which transition existing emissions-intensive processes to zero-emission. However, policies introduced by Canadian federal and provincial governments which require GHG emission reductions in Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed (EITE) industries may induce carbon leakage, a phenomenon of incentivizing emissions-intensive processes to be outsourced to jurisdictions which do not implement climate policies.

This project will evaluate government policy and innovation strategies designed to transition emissions-intensive technologies to net-zero, while providing solutions to mitigate the risks of carbon leakage and create future economic opportunities for BC and Canada. 

In partnership with PICS and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, this interdisciplinary SFU-led team will;

  1. evaluate the capacity of firms in BC and Canada to develop necessary zero-emission technologies 
  2. develop novel analytical tools for decision-makers to assess policy interactions and impacts on technological change, carbon leakage and economic performance
  3. analyze the existing climate and innovation policy landscape 

Research outcomes will be available to research partners, federal and provincial decision-makers and industry for integration into government policy and private sector innovation management strategies as solutions for rapidly decarbonizing EITE industries. Results will also be accessible on the PICS website. 

 Opportunity Project: Began January 1, 2021 / Project Duration: Three years

Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Mark Jaccard

Distinguished Professor, Director of the School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU

Elicia Maine

Elicia Maine

W.J. VanDusen Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Associate Vice President, Knowledge Mobilization & Innovation, Office of the Vice President, Research & International, SFU


Michael Wustmans

Michael Wustmans

Visiting scholar at the Beedie School of Business, Simon-Fraser-Universit


Solution Seekers

  • Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre