Developing a thermal storage “missing link” that will enable transmission of waste heat from off-the-grid urban and industrial sources into district energy networks. 

In collaboration with the City of Surrey and Canmet ENERGY, this project aims to develop a pre-market modular (scalable) thermochemical-based mobile thermal energy storage (M-TES) prototype. The proposed system will capture and transport waste heat from remote sources into district energy systems in urban areas.

The heat stored in the M-TES can be used for peak shaving and to offset the consumption of non-renewable sources. Potential benefits include the integration of bioenergy into Surrey’s energy stock, a reduced reliance on natural gas for peak loads, and reduced carbon emissions.

Opportunity Project: Began September 1, 2019 / Project Duration: Three years.

Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Majid Bahrami

Principal Investigator: Innovations in Mobile Thermal Energy Storage


Maha Shehadeh

MASc Candidates, Sustainable Energy Engineering Program, SFU

Solution Seekers

  • Canmet ENERGY
  • City of Surrey