Developing a thermal storage “missing link” that will enable transmission of waste heat from off-the-grid urban and industrial sources into district energy networks. 

In collaboration with the City of Surrey and Canmet ENERGY, this project aims to develop a pre-market modular (scalable) thermochemical-based mobile thermal energy storage (M-TES) prototype. The proposed system will capture and transport waste heat from remote sources into district energy systems in urban areas.

The heat stored in the M-TES can be used for peak shaving and to offset the consumption of non-renewable sources. Potential benefits include the integration of bioenergy into Surrey’s energy stock, a reduced reliance on natural gas for peak loads, and reduced carbon emissions.

Opportunity Project: Began September 1, 2019 / Project Duration: Three years.

Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Majid Bahrami

Principal Investigator: Innovations in Mobile Thermal Energy Storage


Mina Rouhani, Ph.D.

Mina Rouhani

postdoctoral fellow at Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC), Simon Fraser University


Maha Shehadeh

MASc Candidates, Sustainable Energy Engineering Program, SFU

Solution Seekers

  • Canmet ENERGY
  • City of Surrey