EV with battery visible x-ray charging

Materials innovation to drive the next generation of solid-state batteries.

This project aims to develop a solid-state, lithium tellurium-sulfur (Li-TeSx) battery with doubled energy capacity and higher safety than the conventional lithium-ion batteries powering electric vehicles (EVs) today.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries face limitations of energy density (150-200 watt-hour per kilogram) and safety risks due to the flammable liquid electrolytes used. The vision is to maximize the energy density of the insulating sulfur component with tellurium, an element with high electronic conductivity and high volumetric capacity, producing a high-performance TeSx cathode material with excellent overall capacity and cycling life.

Funded by the Government of British Columbia, this University of British Columbia (UBC) led PICS Opportunity Project partners with the National Research Council and industry experts from Fenix Advanced Materials and GLABAT Solid-State Battery Inc. Goals of the project are to:

  • Deliver a 400Wh/kg battery cell that is smaller, safer, and cheaper to manufacture.
  • Accelerate EV adoption by extending vehicles’ driving range and safety.
  • Build coordinated R&D battery technology capacity and raw material recycling in BC.
  • Bring economic benefits by strengthening local industry battery supply chain and product competitiveness in Canada and worldwide, while creating new jobs in local BC. 

Overall, this project will accelerate transportation electrification and the shift to decarbonized energy. Moreover, rechargeable battery technology is also essential for energy storage systems, including for the  wide deployment of solar and wind energy.

Opportunity Project: Began April 2021 / Project duration: Three years

Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Jian Liu

Jian Liu

Assistant Professor, Principal’s Research Chair in Energy Storage Technologies, UBC

Wei Qu

Wei Qu

Research Council Officer of National Research Council Canada



Solution Seekers

  • Fenix Advanced Materials
  • GLABAT Solid-State Battery Inc.