Read this PICS Vancouver Sun opinion article on embodied emissions

Strathcona, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Creative Commons. Photo credit: John Smith

This piece from PICS Researcher-in-Residence, the built environment, Hannah Teicher, draws together three key elements: climate solutions for our built environment, the high lumber prices affecting the BC forest industry, and post-pandemic job creation.

Dr. Teicher explores the topic of the deconstruction of existing buildings, recovery and reuse – as not only a way to avoid unnecessary emissions, but to also create a new industry and jobs, as part of a sustainable post-pandemic economic recovery. Furthermore, the time is right, with lumber prices that soared during 2020, still high, and tipped to remain high due to Canada’s worsening fibre shortage.

As contradictory as this sounds, Deconstruction should be part of “Build Back Better.”

 Read the article in the Vancouver Sun.