Pine trees with sun and mist

Woodsy Solutions

BC's forestry sector could deliver significant carbon reductions - but climactic wildcards are at play.

Man standing between cars in a residential parking garage

Leading the Charge

UBC's Urban Predictive Analytics Lab is helping ensure communities planning ZEV charging policies will get the biggest bang for their buck.
Nikoa Motor Company hydrogen-fuel-cell truck rig

Terawatt-Scale Trucking

Electrifying every truck in BC would require a staggering amount of new clean electricity. But potential energy sources are emerging.
Satellite image of the intertie connecting British Columbia and Alberta's electricity grids.

The Extension Cord Solution

Alberta’s grid needs cleaning up, and its hydro-powered next-door neighbour could help. But not in the way that you might think.
Man driving by a farm of wind turbines.

Renewables Require Real Estate

PICS researcher Kevin Palmer-Wilson factored social acceptance into renewable energy forecasting models—and uncovered a daunting engagement challenge.