This four-part video series provides detailed guidance on how to implement the Integrated Building Adaptation and Mitigation Assessment (IBAMA) framework.

Join Ilana Judah, developer of the IBAMA process, as she explains how this tool can help building owners, developers, consultants and policymakers more effectively integrate climate adaptation, climate mitigation and sustainability into the design and operation of multi-unit residential buildings.

The IBAMA tools were produced by the PICS Adaptive Mitigation project, an Opportunity Project Partnership between UBC and BC Housing. 

Integrated Building Adaptation and Mitigation Assessment (IBAMA): Introduction

IBAMA Part A: Project Information, Climate, Hazards & Neighbourhood Resilience

IBAMA B & C-a: Determining Assets & Risks; Setting Adaptation, Mitigation & Sustainability Goals

IBAMA Part C b: Adaptation, Mitigation & Sustainability Strategies. Strategy Evaluation.

The accompanying resources with these videos include the IBAMA Primer, an IBAMA Reference Guide, and IBAMA Excel Tool.

IBAMA and associated documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.