PICS Climate Insights Course

Learn about climate change, and what you can do about it.

Welcome to the PICS Climate Insights Course, a publicly available course for those who want to learn more about our changing climate. This interactive and self-paced short course will enhance your understanding of climate change and seed ideas for climate action.

The course is designed to equip working professionals and others with the knowledge to make informed decisions, create sustainable policies, and convert climate knowledge to climate action.

How it works:

The course has four e-learning modules — requiring about 40 minutes each to complete — that take learners through concepts, case studies, visualizations, and perspectives regarding climate change. The course is globally relevant but is focused on the B.C. context.

The course can be completed individually or with a group of friends or colleagues. Either way, we encourage you to share your experience and lessons learned with others and use the course to engage in broader conversations around climate action. 

Learning about climate change can be emotionally heavy, which is why we have tools learners can use to support their mental health throughout the modules (mod 1, parts 1 and 6; mod 2, part 5; mod 3, part 18; and mod 4, part 13). Before starting, we also encourage you to review the following resources on eco-anxiety and climate grief.

Module 1


Learn about concepts underlying climate change and implications of a changing climate in British Columbia and the world.

Module 2


Explore how values influence how each person understands adapting to climate change. Consider ways in which we can live with a changing climate.

Module 3


Learn about what could be done to reduce, eliminate, and reverse greenhouse gas emissions.

A group of people hold a globe over their heads.
Module 4


Unpack how adaptation and mitigation ideas are translated into action. Explore examples of governance and climate action and reflect on your own opportunities to make a difference.

About the PICS Climate Insights Course

This course is the outcome of a collaborative process that involved input from diverse people and perspectives. It reflects PICS’ commitment to mobilizing knowledge and supporting collaborative learning and problem solving, all of which help generate lasting climate solutions.

PICS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests. Through this partnership, the course is recommended foundational training for provincial public servants. PICS and the Province of British Columbia are delighted to also make it available to learners throughout B.C. and the world. 

PICS hopes the Climate Insights Course is a helpful tool that increases climate literacy and action.

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Devin Todd, Vanessa Lueck, Rene Suša, Jade Chicorelli, Adriaan Bogaard. 2024. Climate Insights Course. Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.