The Language of Climate Change – PICS at TEDx Bear Creek 2021

Dr. Carly Phillips talks the language of climate change at TEDx Bear Creek Park 2021

Climate change is altering not just our environment, but also our language – creating new words, redefining existing ones, and describing our path towards climate action. In her inspiring talk, ecosystem scientist, Dr. Carly Phillips, explores our climate vocabulary, and the future of wildfires and forests in a rapidly warming world. Learn about the systems and policies that govern our progress on climate action, and why forests alone can’t solve the climate crisis.

Phillips is an ecosystem scientist who studies carbon, wildfire, and solutions for the climate crisis. She is a Researcher-in-Residence on the PICS Wildfire and Carbon project and brings expertise in ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and carbon cycling. Her research has taken her from cloud forests in Costa Rica to arctic tundra in Alaska, which has highlighted how rapidly increasing temperatures threaten global ecosystems and strengthened Phillips’ passion to address climate change.

This talk was given at TEDx Bear Creek Park 2021.

Watch Dr. Carly Phillips and the language of climate change.