The cover of PICS' new report, Survive and Thrive

Climate change is an existential threat to life on Earth, and we can’t abate that threat without removing significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. British Columbia has the resources and expertise to be a world leader in that work — but not without leadership and a strategy.

That’s the key argument of PICS’ latest report, Survive and Thrive: Why BC needs a CO2 removal strategy now.

Join author Dr. Devin Todd, PICS Researcher in Residence in Negative Emissions Technologies, for an embargoed briefing on the report. In his presentation, Todd will explore why a BC-based carbon removal strategy is necessary immediately, what it could consider and include — and why public leadership and private participation is vital to its creation and success.

The webinar includes a question and answer period.

WATCH the recorded webinar: 

Dr. Devin Todd

Dr. Devin Todd is PICS' Researcher in Residence focusing on Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) and is PICS' lead on the Solid Carbon Theme Partnership Project, which investigates renewable-powered direct air capture of CO2 combined with permanent geosequestration in offshore basalt formations.

Todd is committed to the development of solutions addressing sustainability and climate change. Prior to joining PICS, he worked with start-ups and investors to advance and triage their clean tech projects. He brings practical know-how and scientific depth to R&D – with an aim on early stage feasibility and technoeconomics of novel technologies.

He holds a PhD and a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC. His dissertation focused on PEM fuel cells, featuring the development of methods for: in-/ex-situ characterization and transport layer synthesis with controlled morphology.