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An image of a tiny fern, unfurling in a loop.

Under renovation

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is in an exciting period of renewal — and we can’t do it without you!
UNBC Environmental and Sustainability Studies students Olivia Schneider (from left) and Sarah Korn are working with Faculty of Environment Assistant Professor Dr. Sinead Earley and Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions UNBC Program Manager Carly Madge on projects related to the Northern BC Climate Action Network.

Leading climate action in northern BC

A growing network of people active in implementing climate solutions across northern BC is using its first anniversary to expand its reach and provide opportunities for collaboration.
A young man with dark brown skin and curly black hair is thinking about climate interventions.

Getting to yes

What makes the difference between broad support or opposition of climate mitigations?

Media Releases

Solid Carbon researchers Benjamin Tutolo (left) and Adedapo Awolayo; bottom, solid carbonate mineral formation (small bumps) on basaltic minerals (large chunks), photographed through scanning electron microscopy. (Credit: The Reactive Transport Group at the University of Calgary)

From greenhouse gas to rock in 25 years

Newly published research by scientists with the Solid Carbon project shows that carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere and injected into the deep subsea floor off Vancouver Island may turn into solid rock in about 25 years.