Dr. Terre Satterfield Lansdowne Lecture May 7 at 4p.m.

Join us May 7 at 4 p.m. at the University of Victoria for a free public lecture by Dr. Terre Satterfield of the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia.

“Contemplating ocean futures: balancing scale, ethics and trade-offs in climate solutions" is presented by the UVic School of Environmental Studies and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

An anthropologist by training and an interdisciplinarian by design, Dr. Terre Satterfield’s work concerns sustainable development and debates about cultural meanings, perceived risk, and ecosystem health.

This talk will explore how people are proposing using the ocean as a solution to climate change. This includes strategies like enhancing oceanic carbon dioxixe uptake, converting carbon dioxide into solid rock via seabed basalt, and sinking kelp to decay on the ocean floor. Success hinges on respecting democratic processes and decision-making and the extensive scale of carbon removal needed to meet climate targets.

The lecture will explore the public's mixed reactions to these options, considering ethical dilemmas, perceptions of natural vs. technical solutions, and the social trust needed for governance. It concludes with the challenges and cautious steps forward in urgent times amidst public uncertainty.


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