TEDx Bear Creek Park 2021

TEDxBearCreekPark 2021 conducting a livestream event featuring 12 speakers, Energizers, and Entertainers.

This year's TEDxBearCreekPark is broadcasting Live from Surrey, BC on Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 9:30-12:30 PST.

In only its second year of operation, TEDxBearCreekPark established itself as the premier TEDx event in British Columbia.

The 2020 event was a full day of inspiration, entertainment, and live music with an in-house audience of over 900. It continues to reach hundreds of thousands globally.

The event featured an eclectic mix (14 inspiring talks and 18 performances in total) featuring “ideas worth spreading” across six areas of Human Endeavor (Science, Technology; Art, Design, and Entertainment; Human Rights, Law, and Business; Current Affairs-topical issues; Personal Growth & Development) designed to inspire your hearts and minds.

PICS Researcher-in-Residence, Dr. Carly Phillips is one of 12 speakers presenting at the 2021 event. Carly is an ecosystem scientist who studies carbon, wildfire, and solutions for the climate crisis. Her research has taken her from cloud forests in Costa Rica to arctic tundra in Alaska, which has highlighted how rapidly increasing temperatures threaten global ecosystems and strengthened her passion to address climate change.

Carly’s current research focuses on forests in British Columbia – how their vulnerability to wildfire has increased and how to achieve resilience in forests in the face of coming changes. This work emphasizes the contributions that natural systems can make to carbon removal from the atmosphere and sustainable carbon storage.

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